Here are links to various PDF files of my various photographic libraries including:

Landscapes, Still Life, Female Form (clothed & nude), Polaroid Transfers and Portraits.


The Okanagan (file size: 29.1 MB)

1985-1990 Landscapes (file size:14.19MB)

1991-1995 Landscapes (file size: 28.39MB)

1996-2000 Landscapes (file size: 9.42MB)

2001-2005 Landscapes (file size: 31.31MB)

2006-2007 Landscapes (file size: 25.39MB)

2008 Landscapes (file size: 22.83MB)

2009 Landscapes (file size: 31.93MB)

2010 Landscapes (file size: 36.08MB)

2011 Landscapes (file size: 34.77MB)

2012 Landscapes (file size: 36.31MB)

2013 Landscapes (file size: 42.63MB)

2014 Landscapes (file size: 42.07MB)

2015 Landscapes (file size: 51.03MB)

2016 Landscapes (file size: 31.80MB)

Still Life:

1986-2006 Still Life (file size: 26.20MB)

2007-2010 Still Life (file size: 26.64MB)

2011-2015 Still Life (file size: 37.01MB)

2016 Still Life (file size: 10.70MB)

2002-2015 Cowichan Bay Shipyard (file size: 33.40MB)

2013 Razu Welding (file size: 8.68MB)

2013 Sooke Marine (file size: 9.51MB)

2014 Kelowna Electroplating (file size: 4.97MB)

Female Form:

1992-2016 Female Formclothed (file size: 7.50MB)

1999-2006 Female Formnude (file size: 23.30MB)

2007-2015 Female Formnude (file size: 34.10MB)

2016 Female Formnude (file size: 5.20MB)

2017 Female Formnude (file size: 6.9MB)

Polaroid Transfers:

1992-2001 Polaroids (file size: 11.90MB)


1993-2011 Portraits (file size: 4.35MB)